Best Toys Gifts for 2 Year Old Boys

Are you wondering what gift or toy to buy for a 2 year old boy? Then, I can make your task a bit easier. Here, I will walk you through a wide selection of popular toys suitable for 2 year old boys. I created this post when I was looking for that perfect toy gift for my son as he turned 2.

I have tried to come up with all my son's favorite toys ranging from the most traditional toys like balls and building blocks to the most sophisticated electronic educational toys. There are some others too, which I believe any two year old boy would like to enjoy.

Toy cars for 2 year old boys

Boys just love to play with cars or any other toy vehicles. My son too is not different, he just spends a lot of time with his favorite toy cars. Rolling his toy cars over the table is his favorite time-pass and he always makes sure that the cars finally falls on the floor. But thank God, the cars are working perfectly fine even now...after falling down the edge a million times. Or else he likes to take his toy cars in different terrain and then park them in a row.

What ever be it, any kid can spend enough and more time playing with such toy cars. And thus toy cars are definitely a must-buy gift for any toddler. You can find amazingly wonderful collection of toy cars here.

Stacking Toys

Stacking toys - blocks or rings are just perfect for a toddler. My son loves to play with his stacking toy with rings of various colors. It helps him in identifying the different colors too. Motoring skill is a great milestone in toddler years and this stacking toy is just the perfect one for refining your kid's motoring skill.

Its cool to watch them pile up the rings one over the other. If one ring doesn't fit then they'll know stacking was just not proper. And once, they complete their stacking till the top, then you could see their face beaming with pride...

Lego Building Blocks

Building Blocks are one among my son's favorite toys. I remember him playing with building blocks 
of many colors, sizes and shapes even when he was too young. When he turned two, he could stack them together into different shapes and spent quite a lot of time on that each day.

They are good for learning different colors and shapes too. My son have different sets of building blocks, including one wooden blocks set which he got as a gift. Now he is three and there hasn't been a single day where he didn't played with his blocks. He now builds castles with wooden blocks and knock it down...

Racing Track for 2 year old Boys

Racing is indeed a pleasurable activity among kids. Racing tracks are available with varying sizes, shapes and vehicles. My son too has got a simple racing track with two bikes... Its really fun watching him play with that. His racing bikes need 2 AA batteries and luckily we got good quality ones which doesn't suck up too much energy.
The racing track is easily fold-able and can be detached too. Its very easy to put up together as well. There are some funny accessories along with that racing track, like trees around the corners, a walk-way bridge, sign board and so on. My son's friends too love playing with the racing bikes while at home.


Our home is full of balls with varying colors and sizes. Balls are one such toy which every kid would love to play with. My son started playing with soft balls even before he rolled on his tummy. Now also, he loves to play with any kind of balls - small or big. We play football and base ball in the living room these days. We make sure that all the balls are soft and light. So there is no risk of breaking and hurting. And balls are a great way to release some energy by throwing and playing with it for sometime.

Leap Frog 

is a famous brand of kids toys. You can find suitable toys from leap frog for infants to kids of any age. They have got an amazing collection of children's educational toys too. Educational toys will include interactive electronic toys like mini laptop, kids leap pads and other fun filled learning equipment and programs.
All of them are ideal for any 2 year old boy or any toddler. Here are some of the most popular 
educational toys from leap frog.

Leap Frog Letter Factory and Leap Frog Talking Words Factory are two amazingly popular learning programs from LeapFrog. These learning programs are in the form of DVDs and are powerful enough to grab the young minds attention span for a long time. The leapfrog letters and words dvds teaches letters and sounds by giving due importance to the phonics altogether.

The catchy tunes, peppy songs and attractive visuals makes it easy for kids. They are sure to learn at a fast pace through these leapfrog learning dvds, all while having fun. Educational videos and dvds are a great source of learning for kids. If you are looking for a perfect gift for your toddler or any 2 year old who is yet to start schooling, I would recommend  Leapfrog letter factory and talking words factory. Your children will love it for sure.

Trikes for 2 year old boys

Kids, especially toddlers get excited with trikes. They love to explore and will definitely like these amazing trikes to ride on. They can be used indoors or in your garden or near by park. My son learnt to ride his trike when he was 2 and n half years. Now that he has turned 3, we have got a new bicycle for him with balancing wheels.
Trikes are a great way to learn motoring and driving skills. The eye-hand co-ordination gets better and the kids will feel great as they are able to drive a vehicle just like their dad or mom. My son finds joy in parking his trike and his bicycle at the end of the ride... Sometime parking is the only game he would like for the day.. :)

Picture Books for 2 year old Boys

Books are an amazing way to educate toddlers. With the help of picture books, you can teach them all you want in a fun way. There is a wide range of children's books available for all age groups. Books on teaching good manners, educational picture books on alphabets, numbers, colors and so on. I would say that my son learnt all his alphabet lower case letters from his alphabet book.

Earlier, with the help of nursery rhymes, doodle and his seasame street school bus, he learnt upper case letters. I used to help him a lot. But when it came to his alphabet book, I didn't expect him to grasp all on his own. Its a beautiful book with bright colors, cute pictures and alphabets written in a funny way. It really works!!!

Best Electronic Toys for 2 year Old 

In today's world of technology and tech savyy parents, which kid wouldn't go for an intelligent electronic toy? Laptops, tablets, smartphones, spell checkers, math quiz and what not... All these and much more are available today for toddlers and pre school going kids. These electronic toys are interactive and are great resource for learning. They teach the kids in a fun learning way which is the major highlight.

Kids just love to play with such interactive toys that can talk and make them think more. All these toys are designed for small kid and are sure to uplift their vocabulary, spelling, math basics and behaviors. I found the Leap frog scribble and write very useful as its kid-friendly and amazing.

Doodle - The Magnetic Drawing Board

Doodles or the magnetic drawing boards comes second in my son's list of favorite toys. We bought a blue doodle for him when he was 2 years old. He used to ask us both (mom and dad) to draw and write for him on his drawing board. I find it very helpful in teaching him all the alphabets and numbers.

I used to write down a number or an alphabet for him to identify. We have spent a lot of time together doodling. Now that he is three, he could write few alphabets and numbers on his own. And he is excited to write new ones everyday. I also play pictionary game with him on his doodle.
This magnetic board is a great traveling toy. I always make sure that I keep it handy when ever we travel.


Trampolines are just perfect buddies for any 2 year old boy. You can just get a medium sized one that fits in your indoor space or your garden. My son loves trampoline jumping and since, we don't have one at home, he jumps over the cushioned couch and giggles. I'm planning to buy on soon.

When ever he sees bouncers too, he goes crazy and I guess every 2 year old boy would behave the same way.... Trampolines are good way of releasing some extra energy when toddlers just sit at home idle.

Magnetic Alphabets and Numbers

 Magnetic Alphabets and Numbers can make wonders. These educational toys are my favorite ones when I'm in the kitchen. Perfect time to engage my toddler with his alphabets over the fridge. We don't have numbers as of now, and I'm seriously thinking of getting magnetic numbers too. 

Some of the magnetic alphabets sets comes with a drawing board and markers and the alphabets have to be detached from its case. My son plays with that too like a puzzle, fixing the correct alphabet in its case and so on... Its good to start with small 3-4 lettered words. My son's favorite game is to make names of television channels and all... :)

Toy Tool Kit for 2 year old Boy

Pretend play is quite common in every kid and toy tools are great for their pretend plays. My son turns out to be a keen observer when his dad or somebody else is busy fixing up something. Screw driver happens to be his most favorite tool. Then comes hammer and nails.

When we saw toy tool kit in a toy store, we couldn't let it go. His toy tool kit has got everything including spanners, file, bolts, nails, hammer, screwdrivers, drill and bits and what not... All of the toy tools are made of quality plastic and there is no harm of hurting himself. If you are looking for a great gift for 2 year old boy, then this toy tool kit will surely be a wise choice.

Bowling Game Set - Bowling Pins and Balls

Bowling Game perhaps is the most popular winter time activity I suppose, which can be enjoyed by each and every kid. There are so many choices for you with bowling set. Based on your likes and dislikes, you can choose from a a wide range of funky ones to professional ones. Younger kids would definitely go with light and bright colored ones of course.

If you are thinking of some idea to keep your little one engaged in some activity when the weather is cold outside, then bowling is a fantastic choice. You can play it from your living room or any indoor space. Its safe with kids, so you can have a little free time too. I certainly opt for this bowling set as its a great gift especially at Christmas time.

Outdoors Sand and Water/ Beach Play Set

These sand and water or beach play set are a fantastic set of toys. Even if you are not at the beach, you can always let your toddler play outside your home, in the garden. Kids just love to play with sand and water. Since its an outdoor play set, it'll spare you from messy living room and play area. The sand and water play set will make your toddler do some physical exercise and will do good for him too.

You can get amazing colors according to your choice. If you don't have a beach toy set or sand and water set for your toddler, then do consider buying one for him. You will not regret....

Toy Trucks, Cars and Bikes for 2 Year Old Boys

About a couple of months back, my son got his Sesame street Alphabet School Bus as a gift. Ours is slightly different from the toy that is shown below. We have both capital letters and small letters on it. And the toy is in the shape of a school bus where lights will always be flashing when keyed. Yes, it needs 3 batteries to operate.

My son is having too much of fun with that while learning. The phonics feature helps kids in understanding the sounds and phonics. He was laughing his lungs out when he hears sounds for F and H. Its quite funny...

Baseball Set

Which toddler wouldn't like Baseball sets? Baseball sets are available in a wide range from babies to toddlers and tweens. You will get a compact set of baseball toy which can be played indoors or outdoors. All of them are having toddler friendly colors too. My son has an orange baseball set and he loves playing with it. Since we live in a tropical country, he plays it in the living room all the time.

Its made up of good quality plastic and there is no chance of breaking or hurting. I too like it because its mess-free and allows me to enjoy a small "me-time".

Zoo Animals Set

Zoo animals set have cute little animal figures which can excite little minds. Zebra, Giraffe and Monkeys are my son's favorite animals. He knows many of them and identifies when similar one is shown in television or any other place. That way, its an educational toy too for toddlers and pre-schoolers.

Educational Toys for 2 Year Old Boys form Fischer Price

Fischer Price is no doubt a great brand for toys. Educational Toys from Fischer Price are a great resource for child-learning. To begin with, you always can start with colors, shapes and numbers with toddlers. There are a wide range of educational toys from fischer price available for any parent.

Based on your kid's taste and interest you can choose an ideal toy from the lot. All of them warrants loads of fun along with a little bit of learning of course...

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