10 Things You Need to Get a Baby to Sleep

10 things you need to get a baby to sleep

Here are the 10 things you probably need to help your baby get a good sleep.

#1 Comfort Clothing    -  Sometimes, babies tend to have sensitivity towards synthetic clothing. If your baby is one among them, then it may affect their sleep habits. Try cotton or just any comfortable wear to make sure your baby is feeling okay in it.

#2 Clean and Dry Diapers  - Its a no-brainer. Make her feel clean and dry by using a high quality night-time diaper. If your baby makes a fuss while diaper changing then it would be better to change her once you start the bed time routine.

#3 Baby Wipes or Other Diapering Essentials - In case if you need to change the diaper during night time in-between sleep, use baby wipes that have been warmed already.

#4 Swaddling Blanket - Babies like being cuddled and wrapped. That's because it creates an in-womb effect where they were kept warm and clingy. A swaddling blanket can do the trick and may help your baby sleep better.

#5 Familiar Background Noise - Similar lines  with the in-womb effect...baby is used to constant sounds that comes from your stomach and your heartbeat. Many parents found the white noise helpful in making their baby sleep better. Try getting a white noise machine so that your baby get a little more uninterrupted sleep.

#6 Relaxing and Safe Place to Sleep - Whether you are in for co-sleeping or isolated one, always make sure that your baby has a relaxing and a safe baby mattress with fitted sheets. Loose fabrics and unwanted stuff are not recommended for a baby bed.

#7 Dim Night Light - Darkness promotes sleepiness. Rather than making your baby's room pitch black, allow a soothing dim light that will also help you during changing-times as well as in keeping an eye on your baby.

#8 Baby Monitor - If your baby is sleeping in another room, you can easily keep a tab on him/her with these baby  monitors. Some babies are so sensitive to sounds like opening/closing of a door or even a click of a switch.

#9 Soothing Pacifier - A Soothing pacifier can help your baby go back to sleep all on its own. Once the baby is in deep sleep, you can remove it from her mouth.

#10 Feeding Bottle - Feeding bottles are handy when you need a quick dreamfeed or if your baby is having the habit of night time feeding.

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