Alphabet Coloring Pages and Toys for Kids

Alphabet coloring pages are helpful for toddlers when they begin to learn to read and write. When my son was in kindergarten he was very much into coloring and playing with alphabets in all forms. I made a collection of all of them and thought why not and share it here with y'all, so that you too can make use of it.

So let the kids take out their coloring pencils & crayons and get ready for some coloring fun with these educational coloring pages! 

You can find a collection of alphabet coloring pages that are simple yet amazing and can be printed. Browse through the page and click on the links to enter to that coloring page resource. Have fun! Also check out some great deals on coloring books and coloring supplies at the bottom of this page...

  • Here is a collection of alphabet coloring pages from the popular About series with letters in upper and lower cases, a collection of objects which starts with each alphabet and phonics-learning aids for kids to identify and learn. You can just navigate to the desired letter you want and get them printed...
  • BigLetters has got a complete educational set of alphabet coloring sheets with many simple learning activities which will help kids to identify, write and understand. The files are downloadable as word documents and have tracing, coloring and circling the correct letter all in a single page which comes in handy.
  • TwistyNoodle offers free coloring pages for a whole lot of topics and you can find A-Z coloring pages which can be customized according to your choice of font and text.
  • has got an amazing collection of alphabet coloring pages in various formats. 3-D, abstract, dot-to-dot, whimsical and a whole lot of other varieties. They also have a lot of games and other educational resources in their website.
  • Here is a decorative coloring pages for alphabets from coloring castle. They have got plenty of coloring pages which can be downloaded for free from their homepage.
  • If you are looking for some online coloring fun without the need for paper, then this is for you. TheColor offers online alphabet coloring pages  which can be colored online and can be sent via emails. 

Alphabet toys and games plays an outstanding role in helping out kids in figuring out letters in the beginning.  As a mom I know exactly what types of alphabet toys kids would love to play with - wooden, plastics, foam materials and what not. If you are anything like me, then quality and safety comes first. Price - the next big thing. Here are some great alphabet toys which are perfect for kids.

Have you found any other exciting collection of coloring page resources? How did you find them? Do let me know!  

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