6 Ways Cloud Apps Rock My Online Writing World

Do you believe that cloud computing technology has the capability to transform our business and personal lives? The impact of cloud technology is so immense that many are not aware how many cloud applications they are using each moment.

People are increasingly using cloud based solutions such as web-based email services, media services, content distribution apps, healthcare services and many more.  Thanks to cloud, we are witnessing an information overload with unlimited choices of service providers and solutions in all industries. From financial services to voice transcription solutions and from in-car cloud apps (e.g. Caravan Track) to interactive applications (e.g. Kinect) that respond to peoples’ gestures & voice commands, cloud has opened up new realms of possibilities. 

Here, I have compiled a list of 6 ways cloud based apps are rocking my online writing world. You too are probably using them in your daily life to access, analyze, store and share information.

#1 Backup Services – Saving and maintaining your data as a backup and storing it in some off-site location for security is essential. For instance, Dropbox, Syncplicity and Mozy allow you to back up all your data and share them wisely. Dropbox is certainly one of the most used cloud service solutions today. I store all my personal files and documents on dropbox and even share my photos with family.

#2 Social Networking – Perhaps social networking is the most famous way of utilizing cloud computing technology even though many people may not realize it at first. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and others help people to get connected to each other and share information with them. Facebook seems to be the biggest and the most popular social network site present today. 

#3 Email Communications – Who doesn’t use Gmail or Yahoo mail these days? Emails are one of the biggest cloud computing solutions available. Accessibility from anywhere and ease of maintenance makes it very convenient and cost effective. 

#4 Video Call Solutions – People are increasingly using the video call services such as skype to get connected to each other. Today skype has turned to be the one stop solution for communicating with colleagues or clients or friends. Whether you need to make a phone call or chat or video call, you will be able to do that in a smarter and cost effective way. Which app do you use for making a video call?

#5 Document Sharing – You must be already familiar with Google Docs and its features that let you edit and keep your documents accessible from anywhere securely. Another biggie in the field of file sharing is YouTube which has revolutionized entertainment industry.

#6 Productivity Tools – Certain apps like Toggl allows its users to track time and create tasks & projects to make billing and reporting easy and accurate. Zoho invoice, Quickbooks and DoneDone are few popular productivity tools based on cloud. I have personally not used them, but have plans to make use of them sooner than later...

There are many other notable services and applications where cloud computing technology has made life easier. Which one would you add to my list?

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