Three Awesome Blogs that Boosts Me Up!

I love reading blogs! It helps me get focused, inspired and stay motivated, through the hustle-bustle of life. There is a great comfort in knowing that there are other similar souls who've been there, done that... if you know what I mean!
Of all the great blogs that I read, there are a few ones which stands out in the crowd. 

My favorite blogs to turn to when it comes to writing, blogging, managing or simplifying the clutter of our lives are:

Money Saving

Who doesn't know Crystal Paine, the writer, blogger, speaker and homemaker? I'm over at her blog almost everyday to fill myself with awesome-yet-practical nuggets of advice to embrace positivity in everything I do, bet it blogging, or mothering or homemaking. You name it, she's got it!

After reading her blog for a little over two years, I almost feel like I know her personally. I've learnt about how she does it all, what failed, what worked and what could have been better. She narrates her experiences and wisdom in simple language, as simple as her. I'm looking forward to her South African trip to know about how they built a community center, and much more for the Maubane community.  

The Mom 

Prerna Malik! She is such an inspiring person. I've been lurking around her blogger blog since its infancy. No, seriously! I still remember her post about Mom Writes moving to its self-hosting as a wordpress blog. Through her blog she shows how the girl next door can really rock the world... Her home management and productivity e-books are great assets for anyone planning to simplify their life. The other resources that she shares in her blog plus the Mom Writes community is something which I never wanna miss.

Smart Passive

Pat Flynn, the guru or "crash test dummy of online business" as he puts it, is one helluva guy that blows my mind with his every single post or podcast. Recently, I read about his miracle morning funda and was so carried away that I literally started following it sooner than later...
His in-depth posts about each and single aspect of his successful career as well as life hacks are worth listening. 

These blogs are so popular that you probably have heard all about them, or follow them closely. They have in their own way helped me grow as a blogger as well as a person. All these names are so common in my household that hardly a day passes without them being extolled!  :)

Which one is your favorite blog? I'd love to hear about it!

Find the links here:
Money Saving
The Mom 
Smart Passive
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