5 Nativity Printable Sets Which You Can Download for Free

With Christmas right around the corner, I have been scouring the internet for ideas to set up a simple nativity set that would perfectly suit my small living space. I wanted to find a decent one that wouldn't cost me a fortune. 

I also wanted to come up with something which excites my 6 year old, something which inspires him and teaches him about the advent season.

Since we are living out of our homeland, in a country where we don't get these amazing Christmas Nativity Sets, we just resorted to the Christmas tree decorations all these years. But now, luckily I stumbled upon some wonderful blogs/sites that offer free printable Nativity Scene that's super cute, simple and quick to set up. 

Here are 5 Free Nativity Scene Printable Crafts for kids and families.

Note: I have just randomly ordered these blogs as I found them. You may end up with more options and creative ideas that works best.

1. Nativity Set from Noella Designs  -  Noella Designs have their 3-D printable Nativity with simple and easy to follow instructions and steps. Joseph, Mary and baby Jesus, the three wise men, stable, angels, animals and what not! You can find all of them right here.

2. 3-D Nativity Craft from Bible Kids Fun Zone - This one features a lot more than just the Nativity puppet crafts and activities. Bible Kids Fun Zone is loaded with complete resources for kids Bible study and Sunday class lesson plans. From illustrated story pictures to stickers and play sets, you will find a wide range of activities for kids.

3. Paper City Nativity Scene from Made by Joel  - Its an online space completely dedicated for art and craft projects for children. As Joel puts it, this is a travel paper city set which you can take it even in a mini box. You just have to click on the template or the image and print it. 

4. Printable Nativity Scene from Activity Village.co.uk  - This one features printable sets of Nativity scene where you can print and cut out as you like. The kids can color these cut outs to add more charm to it.  How cool is that?

5. DIY Printable Nativity - from Catholic Icing. It has the step by step instruction for downloading and assembling the Nativity set using card stock or paper and toilet paper tubes. The instructions are simple to follow and will definitely make the kids happy and excited.

How about your plans for Christmas and decorations? Do share with me in the comments. 

Update 28/12/2014 : This was how we made our Christmas Crib with Nativity Set downloaded and crafted from Noella Designs. Since my son wanted a real-looking stable, we tried making one out of cardboard! :)

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