Time Management Hacks for Busy Moms

Homemakers, especially working moms indeed require ample amount of patience and knack to manage their tasks, both professional and personal. Usually morning time will always be all hustle-bustle filled with endless tasks of preparing breakfast for the family, packing lunch boxes, getting kids ready for school, keeping husband's wardrobes ready-to-be-picked up, dressing themselves for work and so on. Evenings are meant for helping kids with their homework and other household chores. Day time during office hours are no less than a battle field.

By the end of the day, it’s often seen that working moms would be emotionally drained and physically exhausted. Still they some how manage to do their stuff in the nick of time. This is where the need for time management comes into picture. Here are some tried and tested helpful tips on managing home and work effectively without much trouble. I used to be a working mom, once. While I juggled my family, job and kid, these were the things I did...  I hope it'll help others too who suffer like me in one point or the other in their life...

Time Management Tips That Works....

  • By setting time for each and every task and by making them a routine, one can save their time and energy to a certain extent. Planning a schedule well ahead of time will not only help to manage things efficiently, but also it will make you stay calm and comfortable for long time.  
  • Based on your time and situations you can make the plan on weekly or daily basis. It’s quite advisable to put all your plans in paper for your reference. This helps you to reuse them later and thus saves time and effort. Keeping a scribble pad or book for yourself would help.
  • Keep all possible easy and quick, yet healthy recipes readily available for you whenever needed. Do not push yourself on deciding the menu for the day until it arrives. Make sure that you don’t run out of any grocery item during the week days, until its time for your next grocery shopping schedule.
  • Do all your grocery shopping before you start your week’s schedule. Make a habit to list down all the required items in a piece of paper. You can either keep it in your purse or keep it in your notebook. This would save both your time and money at the store.
  • Find some time to choose the outfits for everyone and keep them ready for the next day or week depending on your discretion. Laundry and cleaning should find adequate time in your weekly schedule.
  • Spare yourself some time to spend with the kids playing, sharing and learning with them, especially if they are quite young .
  • Set a time for dinner for the whole family. It brings about togetherness and fondness between each one of them even in a busiest day. By having a routine time for dinner, every one can plan themselves accordingly. A little grown-up child can be allotted to set table and dishes or tidying up the dining table after dinner time. This would make them more responsible and disciplined too.
  • At last but not the least, take few minutes for your personal care. You should stay healthy and fit so that you can take care of the entire family the way you wish. Adequate sleep and rest are needed for maintaining a healthy body and mind.

Over to you...What would you do to for better time management?  Do let me know in comments :)

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