Best Toys and Gifts for Toddlers

If you are wondering what toy gift to buy for a toddler, we can help you decide. Being a mom, I know exactly what my son would love to play with and what toys or gifts would be the best for any child in that age group.

Whether you are looking for gift toys or educational toys, you can find the best suggestions of toys here. Or at least you will get some idea for a perfect gift for a toddler.

What could be the best toy gift that can be given for a toddler? Pretend play toys? ride on toys? books? electronic toys? best selling toys? There are plenty of choices and it is best to know the taste of the kids before heading to buy a toy for them.

I have tried to come up with all my son's favorite toys ranging from the most traditional toys like balls and building blocks to the most sophisticated electronic educational toys. There are some others too, which I believe any kid would like to play with.

#1 Building Blocks

Building Blocks are one among my son's favorite toys. I remember him playing with building blocks of many colors, sizes and shapes even when he was too young. When he turned two, he could stack them together into different shapes and spent quite a lot of time on that each day.

They are good for learning different colors and shapes too. My son have different sets of building blocks, including one wooden blocks set. Even at the his age of 5, Manu still loves to play with his wooden blocks. He now builds castles and towers with wooden blocks and knocks them down.

#2  Balls

Each child can have a collection of balls with varying colors and sizes. Basket balls or footballs, they are indeed a great way to release some energy, by throwing and playing with it for sometime. My son started playing with soft balls even before he rolled on his tummy. Playing with balls are so much fun!  Be it indoor or outdoors! While playing indoors, make sure that all the balls are soft and light, so that there is no risk of breaking and hurting. Checkout a great collection of balls here.

#3 Trikes

Kids, especially toddlers get excited with their trikes. They love to explore and will definitely like these amazing trikes to ride on. They can be used indoors or in your garden or near by park. My son learnt to ride his trike when he was 2. Now that he has turned 5, he is practicing defensive driving without balancing wheels!(****Smiles****)

Trikes are a great way to learn motoring and driving skills. The eye-hand co-ordination gets better and the kids will feel great as they are able to drive a vehicle just like their dad or mom. My son finds joy in parking his trike and his bicycle at the end of the ride... Sometime parking is the only game he would like for the day...

#4 Race Tracks

Racing is indeed a pleasurable activity among kids. Racing tracks are available with varying sizes, shapes and vehicles. Manu too have got his share of  track toys with bikes, cars and trains... Its really fun watching him play with that.

The racing track is easily fold-able and can be detached too. Its very easy to put up together as well. There are some funny accessories along with that racing track, like trees around the corners, a walk-way bridge, sign board and so on.

#5 Magnetic Doodle

 Doodles or the magnetic drawing boards comes second in my son's list of favorite toys. I've shared about it in my earlier post here. We bought a blue doodle for him when he was 2 years old. He used to ask us both (mom and dad) to draw and write for him and I find it very helpful in teaching him all the alphabets and numbers.

We have spent a lot of time together doodling. By the age of three, he could write few alphabets and numbers on his own. He used to be so excited to write new ones everyday. We also played our own version of pictionary games with his doodle.
The magnetic board is a great traveling toy too. It really comes handy while travelling.

#6 Trampolines 

Trampolines are just perfect buddies for any toddler. You can just get a medium sized one that fits in your indoor space or your garden. My son loves trampoline jumping at indoor play parks and since we don't have one at home, he jumps over the cushioned couch and giggles. Trampolines are good way of releasing some extra energy when toddlers just sit at home idle.

 #7  Pretend Play Toys

Pretend play is quite common with kids and there is a great variety of toy sets for pretend plays. My son loves playing HannyManny with his toy tool set.

When bought it online as we couldn't let it go. His toy tool kit has got everything including spanners, file, pins, hammer, screwdrivers, drill and bits and what not... All of the toy tools are made of quality plastic and there is no harm of hurting himself.

Whats's your munchkin crazy about? Do share among us!


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