3 Eating Out Hacks You Never Tried Before

Have you ever regretted about indulging in a culinary splurge? If yes, this post is just for you...

Eating out has become more like a habitual norm. Be it an occasion to celebrate or just a weekend to unwind, there is a sense of bliss in dining out, especially in a pompous restaurant. 

Healthy eating and eating out can never coincide. But with a little bit of planning and smart choices, you sure can turn a restaurant meal time to a regret-free-affair. Wondering how do I know? You'll figure out soon!

Here are some tips that comes handy while eating out:

#1 Plan Before

Before you hunker down with that menu filled with appetizing treats, decide wisely on the food that you're going to have. There's more chance that once you get hold off the menu from the restaurant, most likely you'd want to try out some different dishes. Though occasional indulgence is fine, its always better to cast some rules on this.

 Say, if you decided to go for seafood or any other option, you can easily navigate to that section and choose the simplest option. Make it simple because elaborate extras will be packed with fatty and unhealthy options. Rather than having food stuff that are fried and roasted, try to choose cooked or baked ones. Cooked/Baked ones are always better than other counterparts.

#2 Go for Half Portions or Minimum Quantity

While ordering, go for half plates or minimum quantities. If needed you can always order for more. This way you will be able to regulate the intake of food. One advantage of ordering half portion is that, you'll not have to take away or waste off a fairly big chunk of untouched food.

On a personal note, I would like to share with you, my experience.  Even though we don't belong to the category of ardent foodie, we do consider eating out as an easy option. Last Saturday we decided to eat out and I was treating my taste buds with my first ever Thai cuisine. And guess what? There was a lot more than any average family of three could devour! Also, the combo that we got as sauces and fries could have been better if we requested for more healthy options.

 Result? All of us packed on more than our regular servings and added unwanted fat to store! Left over food didn't taste that fresh the next day. Lessons Learnt:  #1  Plan Before #2 Go for Half Portions  #3 Tweak Your Menu   (And hence this post!  :)  ) 

#3 Tweak Your Menu

Along with your menu choice, you'll be offered side dishes in the form of dip-able sauces and fried food items which are high calorie and rich in fat. Make your choice and tailor it according to your needs. You may request to substitute for some salad or simply omit the side dish. Veg salads are always a healthy option. Just make sure that you remind them to hold dressings and serve them aside. That way, you'll be able to fix your salad the way you want.

Other possible variations that you can probably make with the dishes are: less oil, less butter, no food colouring and the likes.

It may seem hard to apply all these tips all at once. But with practice, I believe  it can definitely do the trick.

What's your experience on eating out? Share with me in comments!

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