10 Steps to Find Your Hobby

How do you pass time? Do you have a hobby or any favorite activity other than scanning LED screens?
In my earlier post on ways to beat  boredom,  we discussed about fun ways of saving your sanity! If you are looking to find a brand new hobby, this post is just for you...

A hobby can bring about positive energy and vigor to our lives. Indulging in a hobby is not as hard as it may seem. Sitting idle and clinging yourself to television can make you frustrated and lose interest in the surroundings. Identifying a perfect hobby for you might take some time. If you are looking for a hobby which you can stick with, here are some steps to get off your feet into a passionate hobby.

As far as the deciding part is concerned, you only need a positive attitude and some time to choose the best leisure time activity suitable for you. Of course, you would require the craft materials depending upon the hobby of your choice.

#1 Pen down all the activities you are interested in doing or something which you have enjoyed doing at one phase of your life. It may be gardening, painting, singing, playing a musical instrument, reading, writing, knitting, cooking, candle making, playing sports, blogging and so on. The list goes endless.

#2 You can ask suggestions from your family and friends. If one hobby is found to be inappropriate then do not hesitate to strike it off from your list.

#3 You can also run a search through the internet and find out more about what others are suggesting.

#4 Don’t forget to do a reality check on affordability and availability of time. The chosen one should be something to which you give yourself to it completely. If it feels like a burden to you, then it’s no more a hobby.

#5 Get ready for your new experience by purchasing or collecting materials for your chosen hobby. If you want to start with painting or candle making or any other arts & crafts, you would definitely need a dozen of craft materials.

#6 It will be helpful if you do a search and make a list of things to be done for your new hobby.

#7 Plan your work schedules and other commitments well ahead of time so that you can get a fair share of family time and leisure time without any trouble.

#8 Indulge yourself in a couple of hobbies for sometime, say 2 weeks or so. If it failed to reward the contentedness that you expected, then leave it and try another one from your list.

#9 Update your list of hobbies with the time duration you tried and your stand on them.

#10 Finding more than one hobby is fine if you are really enjoying it. It is also fine if you take some time on deciding the perfect hobby for you.

#9 Update or Learn something that interests you... There are plenty of choices if you want to resume learning. It may be some of your favorite core subjects that you neglected earlier or something that has fascinated you always... Head on to the online courses blog and find out your perfect fit!

What did you decide? I'm eager to know.... Do share it in comments :)

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