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Being a Mom isn't that easy. It has been tagged as a tough job, considering the different aspects a mom has to handle in her everyday life. A Mom's work is never done. Round the clock, round the year, she juggles with her work, family, kids, friends and much more. Despite the ideological debate on women's liberation and equality, it is true that a Mom takes major chunk of responsibilities in taking care of her children as well as the entire family. She has to be an all-rounder - being a personal chef in the kitchen to parenting specialist; from a laundry manager to psychological counselor; from housemaid to financial consultant; the list goes endless.

It can seem overwhelming. But with a little extra effort and thoughts, you can learn the ropes too. I'm still in the phase of learning, as life goes on offering new experiences always. Here is how I try to work out with my life.

Setting a Routine  for everyday of our lives will make it much more simpler. But with little kids, it's even harder to set such a routine. A task as simple as getting laundry done can be made to fit into your play time with kids. My toddler takes the pride in loading up the washing machine with his clothes each time we do laundry. Similarly if there is a routine set for every little task, it will no longer disturb you. Plan your way with whatever it takes to make your life comfortable.

Take a Break - Taking a break from your usual chores and domestic responsibilities can help you to refresh and re-energize. This can boost your spirits and you can head start your next day with ease and vigor. A small trip to the nearby beach along with dining out can actually make your day. It need not be expensive, but it surely needs to be refreshing. If you are a working mom, then plan to take annual vacations where you get enough and more time to catch up with all that you have been missing till that day. Planning ahead will also keep you focused and motivated on your daily duties.

Seek Help - Always seek help whenever you need. You will definitely need a helping hand in balancing all your work, family and home. So, before you become saturated and overwhelmed with all your responsibilities, you can seek help from your family or from outside. Rather than bottling up all your frustrations and emotions, try to be open and transparent. This will definitely reap benefits in the long run.

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