Alphablocks from BBC CBeebies - A Review

If you've been here for quite a while, you would've probably noticed that I'm a big fan of Fun Learning for kids. As with today's' kids, iPads and LED screens are just habitual. I'd introduced Alphablocks to my son a couple of years back. And I found them to be extremely helpful and educational. So here I am, sharing my views and experiences with Alphablocks, a popular BBC CBeebies show that encourage kids in mastering phonics for early reading.

Alphablocks is a pioneer show from CBeebies, a BBC network aimed at children of about 2 to 6 years of age. The show is a series of adventures by fun and interactive alphabet blocks, which help young children gain a better understanding of phonics and blending of letters.

Alphablocks - What it Is?

Kids will learn about the basics of word building and develop a knack of reading and making new words.  All the episodes have been designed such a way that, they entertain and engage the little minds for a short while. Based on the best practice phonics teaching, alphablocks show offers a great balance of education and fun.

Each episode of alphablocks focuses at teaching a particular aspect, like similar ending words or digraphs or vowels and so on.  Every block has an alphabet associated to it and repeats its letter-sound quite often. When alphablocks holds their hands together, they form meaningful words and utter the word phonetically. Then they do a word magic and showers stars on the screen by shouting the real word. Every episode is different with songs, stories and wordplays and that make it more attractive and captivating for young audience. The length of the episodes has been adapted to suit the short attention span of preschoolers.

Recognition and Awards

The quality and popularity of this pre-school educational show speaks for itself, as they have launched online games and an exclusive alphablock magazine that links up with the television shows, helping kids and their parents with alphabet activities.  Alphablocks’ production and telecast has been done by award winning Blue Zoo Production animations and CBeebies network, both winners at British Academy Children’s Awards and Royal Television Society awards. 

The show is loved and enjoyed by kids everywhere and seems to have a remarkable influence in learning concrete information on phonics, words and reading ability. Parents and teachers find it rewarding as it promotes easy vocabulary building and phonics learning. It has to be a must-watch show for every preschooler, as it renders information, value and education, all while having fun. 

Where to find? -

Age Group - 2 to 6

What do You think about Alphablocks? Do let us know your comments!

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