Best Scooters for Kids - Where to Buy and How to Choose?

We bought a brand new scooter for our 5 year old son on his birthday. I  knew he cherished each and every moment when he got a chance to play scooter at our friend's house. So scooter as his birthday gift was the perfect choice. While looking for scooters to buy, I found its important to be aware of a few things. This article will give you my personal views on choosing the desired scooter for your child.

Would You Like to go for a 2 Wheeler or 3 Wheeler Scooter?

First of all, decide on 2 wheel or 3 wheel scooters. My personal opinion is to go for a 3 wheel scooter only if your child is below 4 years. Kids about 5 years of age are quite capable of balancing 2 wheeler scooters. Even if they seem to take some time mastering it, it will be done in a couple of days. Manu took 2 odd days to master the art of balancing his 2 wheeled scooter. Believe me, its a wonderful feeling, watching them struggling with their ride-on toy!

Long Life or Just for Fancy?

If you are concerned about scooters that would last for a long time, look for scooters with adjustable handles. The height of the handle can easily be  adjusted according to your child's needs. Also, the kids will not outgrow their scooters that quickly.

For longevity, its always better to go for the ones made out of aluminium or steel. That makes it rigid, sturdy and durable.

Extra Features

Portability is something which I really liked about these scooters. It has a unique design which makes it very convenient for folding and transporting.  We carry it in the car boot for our road trips and even for a short run in the part.

Brake is an add on feature which the kids would love to have. After attaining enough balance, the kids can apply brake to slow down or stop the scooter with the other foot.

Where to Shop for the Best Scooter for Kids?

If you are looking to buy a scooter, your nearest local toy store may be a good place to start with. Another great option is to scout for online stores which sells a myriad of scooters to choose from.  Major advantage for online shopping is the fact that you will get some irresistible deals which are lucrative as wells as convenient. 

Yesterday, amazon had a great deal on Angry Birds 2 Wheel Scooter where they offered a discounted price of about 800 or so. Generally, you will get to choose from a range of Rs.1300 to 1800 for standard ones from Flipkart or any other sites. Rediff had an unusually low price of Rs.645. But their shipping price was Rs.500 where as amazon offered free delivery. Before the deal closed, it was sold out!

Does your child like to play with scooter? Which one would you recommend? Please add your commens/feedback below.

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