6 Free Resources for Freelance Writers

The emerging trends in technology and lifestyle have made everyone of us a writer, or maybe a sporadic blogger. If you, too, belong to any of these groups, then you would exactly know the relevance of finding free online tools for writing and editing. The Internet offers loads of free online resources for everyone. So why not take advantage of them and make the most out of it? Here are some of the wonderful online resources for writers that I have come across while cruising the blogosphere. All of them are absolutely free of cost.

#1  Flickr CreativeCommons for Images 

Images are essential elements for visualizing the articles. They make articles look better. There are some websites which provides images which are licensed to reuse commercially. Flickr is a huge photo sharing site. Flickr Creative Commons have got tons of images which can be used easily. They all have been categorized specifically for easy access. They have got both free as well as paid premium usage license.

#2 Stock Xchng for Free Images

Stock.XCHNG is another free photo sharing site which has a fabulous collection of images and provides a user friendly interface for accessing them.

#3  Free Online Grammar Checker

Whitesmoke is an online grammar and spelling checker. All you need to do is to paste your text on the online form of Whitesmoke and submit it. It catches common grammar mistakes and spelling errors. It offers suggestions for a better sentence structure as well. MS Word has an incredible spell check and grammar check in-built tool. But sometimes it can miss some words or punctuations.

#4  Free Softwares from Ssuite

Ssuite Software provides a bunch of free software downloads for everyone. The main feature for Ssuite software’s is that they don’t need java or dot net to run or install. Hence, they are simple, easy and fast. They are designed to run on all Windows Operating Systems. They have got a huge collection of software ranging from advanced word processors, spell checker, spreadsheets, firewall security software, VOIP and much more.

#5  Free Online Writing Courses  

If you are passionate about writing, then you will definitely like to refine the craft of writing, and maybe even earn a living with that. There are many free online courses which will help you to hone your basic writing skills. Online Writing Lab from Purdue University (OWL) offers several sample guides, writing services and tutorials for its students and the online community. One can browse their site for more information.

#6  Online Open Writing Courses 

This is an online course ‘Writing What You Know’ from The Open University of UK. They provide useful information, samples and instructions for everyday writing. The entire course in designed for 8 hours with 5 elaborate modules. The user is free to take the e-course at his/her own pace.

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