Home Safety: Using 2 Pin Plug in a 3 Pin Socket!

Do you have the habit of inserting a 2 pin plug into a 3 pin plug socket? Well, its high time that you stop doing it and become aware of its risks!

I have been living in rented apartments and had a bad habit of inserting my mobile charger, a 2 pin plug into a 3 pin socket! I never bothered as I was unaware of its after effects. Soon after marriage, my dear husband made me understand the severity of my silly habit and introduced me to the world of power adapters. (Perks of marrying an Electrical engineer to the core I guess!!!)

My husband has got an exclusive collection of multi plug power adapters and travel adapters. He never forgets to carry it with him whenever he travels. Now I know, these travel adapters does come handy when you travel around the world! No matter where you go, you can still use your gadgets without hunting for other compatible socket converters and stuffs.

What Will Happen If You Insert a 2 Pin Plug to 3 Pin Plug Socket?

While force inserting a two pin plug into three pin sockets, metal to metal contact between plug and socket will be minimal.  The pins will not be entering the socket openings the way it is designed.

So What???

The minimum metal to metal contact increases resistance to current flow and generates more heat inside the socket. In the worst case, if metal to metal contact is very minimal, current flows through air technically termed as 'arcing'.
Thus this may lead to either 
1) Gradual deterioration of insulation inside socket due to increased heat and eventually a short circuit one day.
2) Socket plastics catching fire if metal to metal contact is very poor and arcing occurs inside.

Both cases may result in FIRE!

Statistics show that 85% of fire disasters are due to electrical short circuits. So think safety, act safe!

Stop using 2 pin plugs on 3 pin sockets! Checkout muti plug adapters and stay safe!

Let's do our bit of virtue by sharing and spreading the word with our near and dear ones!

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