Top 10 Must Watch Animation Movies for Kids and Whole Family

Here is the list of top 10 MUST WATCH animation movies for the entire family. Even though you can find way more than just 10, for the sake of simplicity we have compiled the best ones which are unique and great in their own ways. These movies can be watched again and again no matter what. Its perfect for a family day entertainment. Some of them even renders valuable messages that can be imbibed by children and adults alike.

Here you go!

Lion King 

Lion Kind is an inspiring story of a little cub coming-of-age. The touching theme, catchy tunes, amazing visuals and heart of the story make it a world-wide hit movie for all ages and times.


Puss in Boots

Puss in Boots is undoubtedly one of the great animation movies that keeps its audience engaged from beginning to end. Its a complete package for kids as well as adults with remarkable action play, timing and adventure.

Madagascar 3

Madagascar movies continues to wow the audience with its charm as usual. The never ending chases and the grand brigade of animals -

Lion, Tiger, Giraffe, Zebra, Penguins and much more, entertains everyone especially the kids. The movie is available in 3D that offers coming to life experiences.

Planes 3D

Planes 3D is a complete kid movie that passes on  great messages about getting over fears, the power of dreams and believing in oneself. Even though the movie didn't flare high as Cars as expected, Planes has its own charm to amuse kids.

Despicable Me 2

 Despicable Me is an entertaining movie appealing to children and grown ups alike. Humour and actions are perfectly intertwined throughout the story making it a perfect choice. The loveable minions and their heart warming story leaves you a sense of goodness and contentment.


 Rio is a vibrant animation movie that narrates the story of Blu and Jewel, the wild bird. Rio is a sure shot hit for a family movie night. A simple story with happy tone just assures loads of family fun together.

Ice Age 4 Continental Drift

 The Ice Age saga just continues to shower its magic as with its sequels. With chases, fights and drama the movie is packed with action, fantasy and laughter.

Cars 2

 Disney Pixar's impeccable creation is a complete feast to the eyes. To be true, Cars the first one among the sequel was better. Nevertheless, Cars 2 manages to dazzle with magnificent locales and state of the art animation.

Toy Story

Toy Story is yet another animation movie that instills sentiments for childhood adventures. The movie revolves around the transitioning of childhood to grown up stage and the difficult choices to be made. Altogether it a worth watching movie for the whole family.

Monster University 3D

Going by the brand name, its a highly successful animation movie like Monsters Inc which was released 12 years back. Main highlights of the parent movie are however missing in its sequel. But the character portraits and visuals are as good as any other animation movie.

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