Surefire Ways to Seek Peace and Happiness Within Yourself

Are you feeling low for no reason? Do you handle with meltdowns quite often than usual? Do you have the habit of killing yourself by comparing to others?  If your answer is 'Yes', then I can relate to you absolutely...   

Switching from a corporate career life to one swamped with diapers and onesies, I got myself lost along the way. It was then I started on spending more time with reading, blogging, scrap-booking and that gave me a sense of satisfaction. Going through that phase of life was not that easy and along the way I have learnt my lessons.

Be Realistic 

Be realistic enough to identify your capabilities and weakness. The foundation built on realistic grounds would be stronger than the fragile ones built over illusions. Moreover it helps you to focus on what you really want with life.

Accept Yourself 

The secret of true happiness lies in accepting ourselves the way we are. No one is perfect and so am I. Self-esteem, confidence and love for oneself can draw you towards earthly bliss.  What that matters is that we should accept the truth and believe in ourselves.

Forget and Forgive

These are the two gestures that work like magic in our lives. The message is not to keep past deed’s accounts. Forgive the mistakes and forget them for our well being. Do not let the shadow of the past loom over our present days. 

Someone has rightly said that, “Do not think of past, as it would offer resentment & remorse and no one can unwind time. Do not fear of future as is uncertain and fearful. The only time we have is right now. It is the gift of life. That is why it’s called ‘present’.” So act wisely at present.

Spread Laughter and Fun

Giggles and smiles can stimulate the pituitary gland to discharge some chemicals which helps us for our well being. It makes us feel good. Gloominess would offer only frown and wrinkles. Spreading the laughter and happiness will not only help us leave the past over, but also fills our mind with enough positive energy that itself fuel for a better life.

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