Organize Photos Documents and Personal Data Using USB Flash Drives and Hard Disks

If you are like me, then probably you too will have loads and lots of photos, documents and other personal data to be organized. In our home, each and every tiny-weeny occasion wouldn't pass without being clicked at least for a dozen times! We religiously take pictures even for a new-outfit-day or a simple dish I garnished scrumptiously, let alone the random trips we go!

Apart from that, we enjoy listening to music. Since we are out of our country at the moment, we resort to downloading the good old melodies to play it at home or while going for a drive. Needless to say that we have way too much digital stuff to be organized and stored.

Here's how we does it!

Get USB Flash Drives and Hard Disks

We dedicate a few flash drives and hard disks for each category. Say, all the official documents like financial papers, visa documents, employment related documents and the like, will be stored in an exclusive hard disk, WD My Passport 1 TB in our case. 

Allot the Drives for Separate Categories

We keep separate USB drives for car, kitchen and at home in general. I like peppy songs while I cook or clean in the kitchen and my hubby dear is not so fond of that genre. Even though we buy many CDs and DVDs, we always want more than enough of it.

I also keep a tab on available online resources for teaching my kindergartner. Colouring pages, activities and work sheets are just to name a few. Such documents, either I save it in my laptop for easy access or may copy it to another pen drive

Update and Take Regular Back Ups

Sometimes I feel these are just the wonder devices that we need to store and keep our digital data for years to come! Last year, our first laptop got some major issues and luckily we did not lose any data from it. So taking a back up saves you big! I highly recommend saving and taking regular back ups in case some problem arises in future.

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