How to Start Teaching Toddlers About Basics

Toddlers have enormous capacity to take in more information and learn new things. Toddlers are found ever enthusiastic and playful. So teaching them anything by adopting a classroom study method would not turn out well. But you can utilize every single opportunity that you get in between play times and daily chores.  Its just that it would take some time for them to get everything registered in their brains. By repetition, parents can help their toddlers in learning life skills and other things needed for a well-rounded growth.

Make It Simple and Easy

Start with simple things like body parts or colours or what ever you wish.  Just make sure you start with the common things that the kid comes across in everyday life. Colours are everywhere. So it is a good idea to kick start your kid’s homeschooling with colors. You can teach him/her about colors using simple things such as dress materials, toys, vegetables and so on. For example, try to get hold of your kid’s attention to a certain color with casual talk. “I like your blue bag” or “Can you get that red socks for me? and all will work out well. While playing you can repeatedly talk about the colors of the toys at hand.

Repeat and Rephrase

Kids may tend to forget new things quite easily. Here, repetition is the key. While going out you can point to leaves and flowers and talk about their different colors. Even when you are at a grocery or vegetable store, you can show carrots and red apples, green peas and so on. The young minds will absorb everything and gradually they will learn to differentiate and identify.

Adopt New Methods

Rather than making the whole attempt of teaching dull with monotony, its always better to introduce new concepts to young minds. Incorporating fun and educational toys, games and household items may do the trick. I used to doodle different logos of automobiles for my son and he loved identifying those logos while we are on the go...

Start With Toddler Friendly Books

Reading is a good habit and parents should encourage their children to read from a small age itself. Books are said to be one’s best friends. Reading can be started at a young age such as 2 or before. There are plenty of novelty books and play books available for toddlers. Here are some simple tips on teaching your toddlers to read:

  • Introduce attractive books with simple themes such as colours, fruits or any other toddler friendly topics.
  • Encourage your toddler to play with books whenever possible.
  • Read to them daily. You can read stories, poems, rhymes and so on. Make sure that the child enjoys reading.
  • Make some funky noises and gestures to suit the story and the songs. Children loves actions of any kind. They will also try to mimic you in your actions.
  • While reading you can point your fingers to the text you are reading. Gradually the young kids will understand the difference between texts and pictures. They will also understand that reading starts from the left side of the text, line by line. As a grown-up adult, it may not be a strange thing for us. But for kids, its a whole new thing.
  • Make a habit to read to your child everyday while play time. 10 to 15 minutes is enough as the toddlers are always distracted by every single thing they see. It is hard to gain attention from a toddler for more than few minutes.
  • While reading, encourage them to read the next word or letter. This way they will also feel a sense of participation and will start to enjoy reading.
What are your suggestions and experience in teaching your toddler? 

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