Fun and Frugal Hobbies to Beat the Boredom

I love to do creative things rather than spending time idly doing nothing. I have heard few of my friends complaining how boring it is to sit at home doing house work and taking care of babies. I agree 100%! I have been there...done that...  During my long haul being a stay at home mom, I pursued my hidden passion for writing and soon realized that was just what I wanted. 

 Apparently, while sitting idle, many choose to cling themselves to television or any other entertainment. But in the long run, it fails to provide the refreshed and contented feeling that it warrants.  Every human being deserves to have a fair share of refreshment in their own way.

Here, I share my views on inspiring hobbies or activities that can bring about positive energy and vigor in our lives. Developing a new hobby or an interest is not as hard as they seem to be. It all depends on how well you give yourself to it.


Scrap booking is quite an enjoyable leisure time activity. Online or offline, you can  to create scrap books and albums by including all desired photos using a wide range of features. Photo editors helps to add on those desired effects if needed. Even smart phones offer such features for free.  Online sites too have got a wide variety of background designs and other templates with which one can customize their scrap book. It enables to add texts, clip arts and other objects to the design to create a visual pun.

Arts and Crafts 

Choosing a hobby on arts and crafts can turn out to be a lucrative one eventually. Different streams of painting, craft ideas with paper work, ribbons and other materials, candle making, jewelry designs, crochet are some of them. Just google and you will be able to grab free tutorials.


Gardening could be very refreshing and rewarding. Nurturing those seedlings, herbs at your garden and then watching them grow in full bloom gives a sense of satisfaction and pride. After all its the fruit of your labor and efforts.


Blogging can be for passion or business. You can find blogs that are  too personal, more like a journal. There is no joy like going through those memories captured once, at every facets of a life's journey. If the person is too keen on earning some income, then they can start blogging for business. 


Article writing, ghost writing, writing novels, poetry are other suggestions for a hobby. There are many websites where you can publish your write ups for free. Some of them let you earn few bucks too.

Learn Something New 

There is no better time to pursue higher studies or master a skill or a talent. Music or any musical instrument for that matter serves as best sources of energy and recreation. If one is interested to learn or earn a degree in their respective fields of study, then there are many distance learning and online courses available.


Working for a non-profit organization or any other means of social work is yet another option for those who are compassionate and service-minded.

No matter what type of hobby a person choose, it keeps frustration and impassiveness at bay. 

Go checkout this post on finding your brand new hobby...

What do you do to save your sanity being a stay at home mom?

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