FoolProof Ways to Make a Buck Working from Home

In today's post, I'll be sharing my views on tested and proven methods for working from home. Let me show you how I did.

With the advancements in technology and internet, the world is becoming smaller and smaller, within our hand's reach. Today's generation relies on internet for anything and everything. Keying the words in search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing  are so common. Internet serves as a medium for catching up with friends and family; to read reviews for choosing a new gadget; even to make sure if your baby just pooped right!

As the internet culture became more dominant and common, the world of opportunities too increased boundless. Without further ado, let me share with you my honest opinion! The foolproof ways to earn a small buck from home is by starting a home based writing business. There's hardly any type of monetary investment in starting up this online writing gig. All that you need is a computer with internet connection, which is pretty much common in every household. Here, the major investment is your time!

With the emergence of content publishing websites, many  people became freelance writers and bloggers. Freelance writing for article publishing sites turns out to be lucrative for the writers as well as the owners. It is this win-win situation that attracts everyone to become a part of online writing. There are quite good number of opportunities for online writers today and there is a wide variety of choices to be made out from.

Content Writer is the one who is responsible for writing and publishing articles or contents both online and offline. There are plentiful opportunities for budding content writers online. Plenty of websites are available today, which provides free publishing of the articles and share the revenue with the content owners. Articles can be paid upfront or may earn residual income as the case may be.

Ghost Writer is the person who is hired by someone to write about anything as per demand. The ghost writer writes on behalf of the owner. And he himself does not own his writings legally. The schedule may be quite hectic and tedious.

Poets and Authors can publish books, e-books or collections of their poetry, if they are talented. Books can be novels, short stories, children’s books, informative books or any thing else. It depends on the taste of the author. There are some online websites who provides services for marketing the books and the like. It can turn out to be quite lucrative one too.

Technical Writers are commonly hired in organizations which require technical writings. For a person to be a technical writer, he should have a minimum knowledge of the technology that he is into. It can vary depending on the organizations.

Journalists are those responsible for writing, editing news and other content in print media or others. The profession of journalism would require wit, punctuality and sharp mindedness. The journalists should be flexible enough to cope up with the varying circumstances they get into.

Blogger is the one who runs a blog or owns a blog. Blogs are usually run on personal basis. The number of bloggers is increasing day by day. The blogs can be beneficial for some if they acquire enough traffic each day. There are some networking sites which pay for blogging. Blogger and Wordpress are very popular ones offering free services for running blogs.

Which one would you choose?

In coming weeks, I plan to share more about opportunities, paid writing sites and more about it. So, come back soon! In the mean time, do take a stroll along this homemaker's lounge and share your suggestions/questions here. I'd love to hear from You... 

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