Best Free Ipad Apps for Preschool Kids

If you have underestimated about the possibilities and educational benefits that an ipad holds, think again!

When we bought our ipad 2 two years back, I was completely unaware of its utilities. Now, my son who is a kindergartner, likes to spend time playing on the ipad. Its actually doing the job of a baby sitter for me, when I'm stuck up with some house-hold chores. I did a small research about the various educational ipad apps - online and offline games and activities for kids, and was surprised to see those results. That was completely a new world full of information, colors, games and fun.

Here, I have managed to list few of the educational ipad apps for preschool that I have been using for my son and the ones which I find useful and affordable.

Preschool Mathematics Apps for Ipad        

Maths is Fun: Age 3-4 (Free)

This ipad app is designed for toddlers and preschoolers. The developers claims that "Through 8 fun activities, this app teaches kids
  • to recognize numbers
  • to count
  • to order numbers
  • to handle shapes

 123 Fun: Write and Learn Numbers

This ipad app 123 Fun: Write and Learn Numbers, will help your children to learn to count numbers. It offers English, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, and Thai languages which are recorded by Native Speakers.
Along with that the app also features some matching and recognition games for kids with ages 2-5.

Preschool English Language Apps for Ipad       

MyABC (Lite): Write & Learn alphabets and letter sounds

MyABC write and learn alphabets is a fun ipad app that will help the toddlers to identify and learn ABCs letters - in lowercase and uppercase, letter sounds (phonetics) and picture words.

It also offers puzzle games, matching games, alphabet sorting game and recognizing pattern games. The app is undoubtedly toddler-friendly and your children can definitely benefit from it.

 Intro to Letters

This ipad educational app helps your child to learn to trace, read, write and record letter sounds, names, and phonograms, based on the proven methodology of Montessori. The app is at a decent price of $4.99 which is obviously moderate and affordable, when compared to actual books.

The app can lay the basic foundation of English language - like letters, sounds, phonics, uppercase and lowercase letters, Consonants and vowels and much more than you get from a traditional alphabet book.

Build a Word Express

 Build a word app was downloaded when my son started going to school. He already knew his alphabets and was beginning to recognize words. This app build a word express is perfect for kids that starting to learn to recognize words on their own. The app helps kids to spell words using phonics sounds or letters itself. You can choose your way. Also the letters are spelled or sounded when the kid touches each letter. The app provides both lower case as well as upper case letters and you can customize each aspect of this app like - sound of the narrator, background screen, phonics sounds, upper or lower case and more.

Educational Preschool Apps for Ipad and Iphone 

Eric Carle's My Very First App

This ipad app is based on Eric Carle's My Very First Books series. It has got colorful illustrations, pictures, games and everything to get a toddler glued to it. The games are tailored to suit specific age groups and are classified as Easy (ages 1-3), Medium (ages 2 and up) and Hard (ages 3 and up).

The app is customizable by adding Numbers, Shapes, Food, and Animal Sounds of your choice - Top In-App Purchases worth $0.99 each.

Monkey Preschool Lunchbox

The Monkey Preschool Lunchbox has got wide recognition among parents of preschoolers. It's a complete package which has got several educational games that teach kids about alphabets, numbers, colors, counting and shapes. It also features matching same and different games, fruit names, animated stickers, puzzles and more. All on one app for a very low price $.99. Its worth more than that.

Alphabet Find

Unlike other apps, this is one complete package which has got illustrated alphabets, numbers and shape images. This will help your children to fine tune their auditory, visual and fine motor skills, alphabets, numbers and shapes recognition, all while having loads of fun.

Play Tales

Play Tales have been my son's favorite ipad app as of today. It has got plenty of stories, games, videos, coloring pages and other activities for a preschooler. You can get a free version which will have few interactive stories that can be read by kids themselves or if they wish, ipad itself will read it aloud for them. Within the stories, the kids get to play various games like coloring, spotting the differences games, finding hidden images, drawing, puzzles and matching pairs games. The app provides 7 language support and upon paid upgrades you will get dozens of good moral stories for kids.

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