10 Smart Appliances for Every Home

Have a look at these smart kitchen appliances to make most of your time, energy and savings too... Do you feel you have been wasting a lot of time with that old, mended, slow machine of yours? If it does, then its time to scout around to explore and choose the right kitchen gadget for  you. That will make your a bit more convenient, all while saving big on time and energy as well.

Philips HD7450 0.6-Litre 650-Watt Drip Coffee Maker

How about a steaming hot cup of coffee right after you wake up in the mornings? This Philips coffee maker is designed to make up to 6 cups of coffee with easy to clean detachable parts including a permanent washable filter. Just fill in the coffee powder, water and set to brew. By the time you are done with your early morning rituals, your cup of coffee will be ready. No need to wait and check for spilling over. It comes along with quite a lot of useful features. My favorite one would be the thermostat hotplate which makes it easier to get another round of fresh coffee sometime later.

Electric Kettle

Electric kettles are such a timesaver, especially when you are on the go. Whether you need it for drinking water or cooking purpose, electric kettles comes handy and just do the trick in the press of a button!

 Mixer Grinder

As you know, not a single Indian Kitchen can function without a good quality mixer grinder. Based on my experiences with different ones in my home as well as my friends, I have come to a conclusion that the no matter how many advertisements and brands sprout up every day, you are going to be completely satisfied with these brands only - Philips, Panasonic, Bajaj.


Sandwich Maker

This is pretty self-explanatory. A sure shot hit for an easy weekday morning breakfast solution! I always go for quick and easy recipes for breakfast and elaborate indulgence are always reserved for holidays.

Electric  Cooker  / Rice Cooker

Yes! We all know our moms already knew this wonder cooker. Here are the top rated rice cookers. Pick one yourself...

Induction Cook Tops

Here is the tip. Just go by the brand names and probably you can't go wrong. I feel its extremely essential in a country where the cooking fuel prices go flaringly high each season!

Cordless Landline Phones

To tell you the truth, even though its the world of mobiles, I am a home-phone-person who spends a lot of time every day talking to my mom or my sister or my friends. And how I wish I could get hold of a cordless landline phone so that I can take along with me to my kitchen or wherever I want... Really saves time and worth buying for every home.


A common and must-have appliance for each home!

Vacuum Cleaner 

I was not a big fan of vacuum cleaners. I always resorted to sweeping and dusting the old traditional way. Recently my hubby dear brought home a cute looking nano vacuum cleaner. He originally bought that to dust and clean the interiors of our brand new car... But it ended up in me using that for every possible mess... I find it very useful in cleaning up the couch and the floors especially after my son's snack times. Biscuits pieces or food particles or even wrappers, all gone in a jiffy. I highly recommend it.

Hand Blenders

Are you a foodie? Do you like to try out recipes from media? If yes, then this could be your magic wand. Hand blenders does a wonderful job in whisking up just anything. I don't have a hand blender, but I use one in my food processor attachment. Hand tools does come handy.

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