Boost Your Kid's Creativity with Magnetic Drawing Boards

Magnetic drawing boards are a perfect choice for any kid. There are quite a number of amazing magnetic drawing pads available for parents to check and buy. Some are cool ones with fascinating colors, shapes and other features. They are perfect for entertaining your kid, while traveling or at home.

Why Magnetic Drawing Boards and pads are the Best Educational Toys for Kids?

Its because, the drawing boards can engage the little minds for a substantial amount of time and would help in honing their creative skills.   Furthermore, its so handy and mess-free.

The magnetic drawing boards  encourages hand eye coordination and creativity among kids.

It gives an edge to early childhood learning experiences. Kids would love to scribble and play games for fun with it. I used to draw many shapes, words and different logos of automobiles and ask my son to identify which is what. He loved playing that game. Its good for improving memory power too. He learned all his alphabets - both capital and small letters by doodling. Numbers too...  You too can make use of these boards with your own creative ideas.

Aqua Doodle  

Aqua Doodles are yet another fun and portable magnetic boards for kids. Its very handy too, even though the term 'aqua' can raise your brows.
You just need to fill in the attached pen with water. When your kid draws on the screen of the doodle, it changes its colors as it moistens. And it will change its color back as soon as it gets dried. So its completely re-usable and green.

Benefits of Magnetic Drawing Boards

Its a great replacement for conventional color pencils and crayons. Kids would definitely drop their crayons and color pencils every now and then. Magnetic drawing boards solves this irritating problem for you by having its pen attached to the board itself by a string. This is a great advantage while travelling with kids. You don't have to hunt for crayons and other supplies under the seats anymore. The magnetic slide eraser makes it a lot more like a magic to do its job.  Its such a lovely scribbling toy, any kid would love.

As a parent I preferred to carry along this little treasure when ever I could with my toddler. He was so fond of his blue doodle friend. My son loves to play with his doodle. But every time, I need to sit beside him and play with him too. This is because his tiny fingers are yet to master the tricks of drawing and writing. Even though he like to scribble something and explore new shapes with his doodle, he prefers to play with it when I'm around.

I try to draw pictures which he can identify easily. Like house, trees, cars, sun, shapes and so on. I also write our names and small words like Thank You, Sorry, Please and so on. It works as flashcards. Just that its more like an interactive flashcard...

Where to Get the Best Doodles or Magnetic Drawing Boards?

Here are some of the best choices of magnetic drawing boards available in India. Most of them are available for free delivery. I have it easier for you to browse through. 
            Fisher-Price Doodle Pro Travel GreenCheck Price  Fisher Price Doddle Pro Classic Doodler With 2 Stampers Learning Toy (Multicolor) Check Price  Dora as Company - Magna Doodle, Multi ColorCheck Price                Simba Art and Fun Drawing Board with PenCheck Price  Simba Art and Fun Magic Drawing BoardCheck Price  Fisher Price Doodle Pro Designs Mini DinoCheck Price            Fisher-Price Doodle Pro Clip-onCheck Price  Game Craft Magnetic Drawing Board Check Price  Aqua Doodle Travel Check Price


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